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Old Biography

Simeen Farhat b. 1968 - Playing with letters from various texts to produce abstracted epigraphic forms in molds cast from resin, Farhat's work invokes powerful themes related to the important role of language in the construction of conscious human identity. Blurring the boundary between hard plastic and shadow, these sculptures visually collapse the space between the spoken and written word, forcing the viewer to engage in a linguistic puzzle. Born in Pakistan, Simeen pulls inspiration from the texts of authors she has read in Urdu, Farsi, English, German among others. According to the artist, “Words – written or spoken, understood or misunderstood, poetic or prosaic — are what motivate me to create my visual narrative. I am fascinated by how, through language, we understand a great deal about ourselves and things around us.”

Simeen Farhat’s work has been collected and exhibited worldwide including Austria, England, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, and The UAE. In the United States, she has shown in numerous states including Arizona, California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Simeen was invited to participate in an exhibition at the 2015 Venice Biennale, In the Eye of the Thunderstorm: Effervescent Practices from the Arab World, curated by Martina Corgnati.

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