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Paul Winker’s paintings are the result of an acute hyperawareness outsized and manifest into chromatic pools of paint on canvas. Objects as banal as a cereal box graphics, and as potent as religious iconography, stand on equal footing within the artist’s repertoire. Danielle Avram wrote in the Dallas Morning News (2020), “The work of artist Paul Winker seeks to find a balance between these two extremes, marrying careful consideration and painterly process with electronically generated, ad hoc gestures. The resulting paintings are neither wholly abstract nor narrative but exist in a space in between; informed by pop culture, art history, creation myths and Winker’s own upbringing.”

Paul Winker (b. 1989) lives and works in Dallas, TX.  He received his BFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of North Texas and has been included in several group exhibitions in the area, including at Goss-Michael Foundation, The Power Station, and Texas Women’s University.  He has also had multiple solo and collaborative presentations at AND NOW in Dallas. In 2021, Winker was commissioned by collectors Janelle and Alden Pinnell to create an outdoor sculpture at their home, which served as the inaugural offsite project for the Nasher Public initiative. Paul Winker is an activate participant in the local art scene, often initiating creative opportunities and collaborations with artists throughout the community and beyond.

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