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Becca Booker, Ridges- Greens & Yellows, 2015

Becca Booker

Ridges- Greens & Yellows, 2015

watercolor & ink on paper

22h x 30w in


Becca Booker, Flow Through, 2015

Becca Booker

Flow Through, 2015

ink, watercolor on paper

22h x 30w in

Framed: 26h x 34w in


Becca Booker, Green Current, 2015

Becca Booker

Green Current, 2015

ink, oil, enamel, polyurethane on panel

40h x 36w in


Becca Booker, Blue Current, 2015

Becca Booker

Blue Current, 2015

ink, oil, enamel, polyurethane on panel

72h x 48w in


Becca Booker, Pink Current, 2015

Becca Booker

Pink Current, 2015

ink, oil, enamel, polyurethane on panel

24h x 48w in


Becca Booker, Red Current, 2015

Becca Booker

Red Current, 2015

ink, oil, enamel, polyurethane on panel

48h x 72w in


Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is pleased to present Paul Booker’s latest solo exhibition Flow Through opening with an artist’s reception on April 4th from 6 – 8pm. Booker is known for his technical ability to work seamlessly in both two and three dimensional forms. For this new body of work, the artist has focused entirely on the two-dimensional, with paintings on panel and watercolor on paper.

Paul Booker’s distinctively lustrous panel paintings are comprised of multiple layers of pigmented enamel and ink drawings built up and embedded in nearly 100 layers of polyurethane. Frenetic, yet delicate lines swarm in various winding pathways articulated in rich color, invoking a sense of flowing movement seen in various natural formations such as biological atlas illustrations, animal flocking behavior, and fluid dynamics.

Says Booker, “Through my work, I respond to visual phenomena occurring in nature as well as human interpretations of these naturally occurring forms.” These themes are also explored in his sumptuous watercolors on paper, which present a similarly unique sense of depth, form and movement.

Paul Booker received his BFA from the University of Texas in 1995 and his MFA from the University of North Texas in 2000. His work has been shown throughout Texas as well as in New York and California. In 2011, he was part of in the Art Museum of Southeast Texas’s Obsessive Worlds exhibition and, in the same year, was included in New American Paintings for the third time in his career.

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