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Cris Worley Fine Arts is pleased to present Studio Visit 1-1, an exhibition of guest and gallery artists: Trey Egan, Anne Allen, Howard Sherman, Paul Booker, and Blayre Stiller. The work for this exhibition was chosen by owner and director Cris Worley from numerous artists’ studio visits made over the last year. Artists in this show come from various backgrounds, and work in several different mediums; however, they share the common trait of intricately laid handiwork. 

Studio Visit 1-1includes the paintings of two artists, Trey Egan and Howard Sherman.  Egan, a MFA candidate at the University of North Texas, paints in large dynamic passages of rich color, whereas Sherman combines aggressive abstract and cartoonish forms to create chaotic, yet deliberate, compositions.

The exhibition will also feature the drawings of Anne Allen, Blayer Stiller, and Paul Booker.  Here, Allen’s drawings based on bloody scratches combine the delicate with the macabre, while Stiller’s figures have a decidedly physical presence due to the painstaking technical process used to render them, and Booker’s abstract sketches are frenetically rendered marks in black, white, and soft color.

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