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Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is pleased to introduce another leader in contemporary art with our first solo exhibition of works on paper by Robert Lansden. The show, entitled, Metamorphosis, will open with an artist’s reception on Saturday, October 17th from 6 – 8 pm, and will run through November 14, 2015.

Robert Lansden’s obsessive and painstakingly composed line drawings in watercolor and ink on paper are explorations into the unknown. Each work, which is based on an algorithm, or step by step set of operations, is entered into without a defined outcome. Every web like pattern, whether it resembles creases in fabric, floral motifs, or more abstract endeavors in geometry, is a patient and tenuous tangle of time, chance and ambiguity.

Art writer Margaret Zuckerman elaborates on Lansden’s work in an a catalog that will be available for purchase, “Much of Lansden’s work is not only reflective of metamorphosis (his algorithm begets art), but of its very conception: the miracle of mutation itself. 

If Lansden’s algorithm were a DNA chain, the slight wobble of his pen would be a genetic mutation. Without mutation there would be no differences for nature to glean from, and essentially, no evolution. With Lansden’s works, if his strokes were perfect, the results would be insipidly arithmetical instead of so beautifully variegated. Life is born from mutation. Splendor is in imperfection.”

Robert Lansden received his Bachelor of Fine Art from the Atlanta College of Art, a Master of Library Science from the Palmer School of Library and Information Science in New York, NY and a Master of Fine Art from Tulane University. His work has been exhibited throughout the US including the Nexus Center for Contemporary Art, Atlanta; Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AR; the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA; and the Kentler International Drawing Space Brooklyn, NY, among others.

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