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Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is proud to announce its first solo exhibition of one of Texas’s leading bronze sculptors and founders, Harry Geffert. This exhibition entitled, Tribute, will feature recent wall-mounted bronze castings of Texas’s plant life conceived by the artist’s own imagination as abstract landscapes - forests, meadows and meanders. Always inspired by the natural world, and surrounded by many acres of untouched land, Geffert has now removed all traces of man that once inhabited his work. In his own words, “Right now I’m very conscious of nature and the Earth and everything, but I’ve been that way even from the very early things— forest and land and man… Now the people have kind of disappeared from my work, but the images of the Earth and nature are still there, coming up stronger, and the people are going back; maybe the people are less important to me now than the Earth is.”

Texas born and raised, Harry Geffert received his B.S. from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos and his M.A. from New Mexico Highlands University in 1961. Geffert’s legendary reputation establishes him as an expert sculptor, educator and major contributor to the continuum of Texas art. In his fifty year career he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the state, an NEA grant and a Legend Award from the Dallas Visual Art Center, he established the sculpture department at Texas Christian University and fostered many aspiring artists there through 27 years of teaching. In the 1980’s Geffert left academia and started his own Green Mountain Foundry in Crowley, Texas. There he produced impeccable bronze castings of pieces by Joseph Havel, Linda Ridgway, James Surls, Vernon Fisher, Frances Bagley, Ken Little, Clyde Connell, and others and soon established his as the foremost foundry in Texas. Twelve years ago he closed the foundry to other artists to focus solely on his own artistic interests.

Harry Geffert’s work is housed in major public and private collections including the Dallas Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Modern Museum of Fort Worth, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Nona Barrett and Mr. and Mrs. Bryant Hanley, both of Dallas.

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