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Charlotte Smith, Float, 2010
Isabelle du Toit, Blue Jay II, 2010

Press Release

A group exhibition of seven Texas artists will take place at Cris Worley Fine Arts, Saturday, November 20th with an opening reception, from 5 – 8pm.

The third exhibition since the gallery’s inception in September, Eos Rising is a group show of gallery artists and guest artists. The title refers to the ancient Greek goddess of dawn, Eos, and continues the season’s program with a series of shows relating to ancient Greek culture. Worley, who focused on Etruscan studies for her master’s work, finds the relevancy of ancient myth even in today’s world.

Eos Rising is a metaphor for the personal triumphs of everyman, and in the case of this exhibition, the manifestation of the individual artist’s unique achievements.

The artists include Adela Andea, William Cannings, Isabelle du Toit, Elliott Johnson, Ruben Nieto, Charlotte Smith and Rusty Scruby.

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