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Joshua Hagler, The Puzzle, 2020
Lauren Clay, Grotto Window, 2020
Steven Charles, Extinction, 2020
Steven Charles, Correction, 2020
Lauren Clay, While sleeping, watch, 2020
Robert Sagerman, 5,304, 2020
Sherry Owens, Widows and Maidens 3, 2019
Joshua Hagler, Mothenheart, 2019
Isabelle du Toit, Three Blues, 2020
Isabelle du Toit, Yellow Rumped Warbler, 2020
Trey Egan, Veiled By The Clouds/Now Within, 2019
Kelli Vance, To Match My Nature With Nature, 2019
Richard Patterson, Dante, 2019
Richard Patterson, Dusk, 2019
Maysey Craddock, a fragment land, 2020
Maysey Craddock, dream leads us to dream, 2020
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Row Houses, 2001
Paul Manes, So What, 2020
Robert Sagerman, 22,579, 2020
Rusty Scruby, Red Fan Dance, 2020
Charlotte Smith, Water Scroll, 2019
Celia Eberle, Burning Birds, 2019
Kelli Vance, In The Cold Night of The Day, 2019
Timothy Harding, SL1, 2020
Adrian Esparza, Tunnel Vision, 2017
Kristen Cliburn, Double Bind II, 2018
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