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Joshua Hagler, Music Video VII, 2019
Joshua Hagler, Music Video VI, 2019
Kristen Cliburn, Deliquescent I, 2018
Kristen Cliburn, Deliquescent II, 2018
Steven Charles, egsapabo, 2019
Steven Charles, i need to get to the dentist before i die, 2018
Patrick Turk, Victims of the Blue Star Tattoo Legend, Cynthia, Age 8, Blue Lightning LSD, 2020
Patrick Turk, Victims of the Blue Star Tattoo Legend, Kelli, Age 1, Texas Armadillo LSD, 2020
Rachel Walter, Asterism, 2019
Rachel Walter, Airglow, 2019
Timothy Harding, 21" x 16 on 14" x 12" (Lines on Lines), 2020
Timothy Harding, A/P (Orange, Green, Blue), 2020
Celia Eberle, Phantasm, 2019
Celia Eberle, A Serving of Animals, 2020
Robert Sagerman, 7,505, 2020
Robert Lansden, No Mud, No Lotus, 2020
Anna Elise Johnson, Kandinsky Waves I, 2020
Ruben Nieto, Collage #18, 2020
Ruben Nieto, Collage #12, 2020
Ruben Nieto, Mickey musketeer with a pipe, 2020

Press Release

We are pleased to feature on this platform exemplary paintings by Josh Hagler, Kristen Cliburn, Steven Charles, Ruben Nieto, Robert Sagerman, Anna Elise Johnson, Tim Harding and introducing guest artist Rachel Walter; a sampling of fresh collages by Patrick Turk and Ruben Nieto that can be collected singly or in a grouping; works in bone and clay by Celia Eberle; and a delicate graphite drawing by Robert Lansden. 


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