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Celia Eberle, Basket, 2012

Celia Eberle

Basket, 2012

found object, concrete filler, bovine & human teeth

10.50h x 5w x 2d in


Celia Eberle, Venus (with stand), 2011

Celia Eberle

Venus (with stand), 2011

alabaster, pompoms, brass, steel, marble

19.50h x 6.50w x 6d in


Celia Eberle, Avatar: Artifact with Museum Mount (with mounting device), 2008

Celia Eberle

Avatar: Artifact with Museum Mount (with mounting device), 2008

bone, pigment, graphite, clay

3.75h x 9.50w x 11d in


Celia Eberle, The Deep, 2016

Celia Eberle

The Deep, 2016

fur, wood, foam, clay, acrylic

60h x 34w x 10d in


Celia Eberle, Dreaming Heaven, 2007

Celia Eberle

Dreaming Heaven, 2007

Italian alabaster, aragonite

11h x 10w x 8d in


Celia Eberle, Love Machine, 2015

Celia Eberle

Love Machine, 2015

ceramic, acrylic

22h x 13.25w x 7.50d in


Celia Eberle, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, 2015

Celia Eberle

The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, 2015

pit fired raku clay, glass, brass

dim. variable | $300 each


Celia Eberle, Black Sky, 2018

Celia Eberle

Black Sky, 2018


dimensions variable

Edition 2 of 2


Celia Eberle, Altar, 2015

Celia Eberle

Altar, 2015

ceramic, acrylic, perfume

3.50h x 15w x 8d in


Celia Eberle, Sexy Beast, 2015

Celia Eberle

Sexy Beast, 2015

ceramic, acrylic

18h x 12w x 12d in


Celia Eberle, Fetus, 2012

Celia Eberle

Fetus, 2012

Italian alabaster and marble

3h x 12w x 8d in


Press Release

Cris Worley is proud to present our first online exclusive show of Dallas-based artist, Celia Eberle. This online exhibition features new works, along with highlights from Eberle’s oeuvre, allowing viewers to explore this body of work from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Throughout her 30+ year career, Celia Eberle has employed a mix of natural materials such as bone, wood, coral and stone along with manmade materials. Art critic Christina Rees wrote about the artist, “...[Eberle] is very much a Texas artist who taps into a kind of grim legacy that people in our state don’t always admit is part of its inception and inheritance. But hers is not art about Texas specifically. It is art by a freakishly perceptive Texan who sees a million miles into the past, the future, and into the collective criminal mind of humanity...If this scares a few people, so be it.”

Celia Eberle has exhibited extensively throughout Texas as well as in Chicago, New York, and Oregon. She was invited to exhibit her “Moss Grotto” at the Silos during Sculpture Month Houston in the summer of 2017. In 2015, she received a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. Likewise, she was an inaugural recipient of the Nasher Sculpture Center Artist Microgrant. In 2014, Eberle’s mid-career retrospective, In the Garden of Ozymandias, debuted at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas. Her work is currently in the collections of: The Dallas Museum of Art, the J. Wayne Stark University Gallery at Texas A&M, and the Longview Museum of Fine Arts.

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