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Sherry Owens: "Entangled" at The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum

Sherry Owens and Art Shirer
Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum, Austin [link]
April 12-August 12, 2018

entangled is a tour de force declaration of nature’s infinitesimal polymorphisms. As if an illustration for Gerard Manley Hopkins’ “instress” and “inscape” poetic concepts, entangled activates the relationship of the Umlauf main gallery to the surrounding natural gardens.

From an expanding night cosmos drawing of overlapping trajectories of colored comets, giant cornucopia descend, containing only the votive power of empty space. The bounty of these classical vessels is in the very woven wall of each horn-basket itself:  polychrome marbles sparkle gemlike within a tapestry of wire, tree-branch, and suspended river rock.

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