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Rusty Scruby launches new Youtube channel

Welcome to Rusty Knits! Rusty and Hampton are a married couple in Dallas, TX. Besides knitting sweaters, gloves and hats, Rusty creates unique knit designs and knit artwork. As a professional artist who shows paintings and photographic sculptures in galleries and museums, learning to merge knitting into his art practice has been his latest passion. Rusty will occasionally play a piece of music at the piano, or talk about his succulents. "My artwork has a lot of influences, and I want this to be a place where I can talk about all of it." Hampton has a career in banking, but spends much of his time involved in the art world. He collects art and other shiny objects, and documents many art exhibitions. Recently he has wanted to start quilting and sewing again. With an ever growing stash of yarn, a new sewing machine, four cats, and no experience with podcasting, here we go! If you like what we're doing, please hit the SUBSCRIBE button, and hopefully we'll see you in the comments!

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