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Patrick Turk: "The Superorganism: Concrescence" at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts

The Chaney Family:
A Contemporary Art Collection
Main Gallery and Rebecca Cole Gallery
May 22 – August 21, 2021

The Pearl's summer exhibition presents a sampling of artwork from the holdings of the Houston-area Chaney Family. Over the last three decades, art advocates Robert, Jereann, and daughter Holland Chaney have amassed one of the nation’s premier contemporary art collections. Drawn to cutting-edge works from younger artists, the Chaneys focus on work that is thought-provoking, educational, playful – and oftentimes challenging. The Chaney Family includes work from over thirty-five local, national, and international artists exploring a range of ideologies in diverse media.

​The Chaney Family has been supporting the arts since the early 1990s. We believe that life is significantly enriched by being involved and surrounded by the arts in some manner. 

We have concentrated on young emerging artists, which gives our collecting focus and direction, and do not shy away from any medium or subject matter, no matter how challenging it could be. We hold photography, painting, sculpture, new media, and installation works. In 2007 and 2008 we worked with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to host two exhibitions of our works: Red Hot: Asian Art Today and then End Game: British Contemporary Art. The first exhibition illustrated works from many Asian artists covering several countries, and the second featured work from the Young British Artists.

We purchase what we like and have always practiced that philosophy. Since we live and are surrounded by our art, that is a good thing. We purchase and determine later where to place it. We are always searching to see what is on that new horizon or around that next corner. It is that curiosity that constantly keeps us involved and intrigued. 

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