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Five-Minute Tours: Celia Eberle at Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas

“Celia Eberle is best known for her sculptural works steeped in mythology and paradox. The artist often explores themes with ominous dichotomies such as those between: nostalgia and naivety, past and future, man and nature, worship and destruction, and romance and longing. The artist intuitively selects materials for each artwork; often carving wood, bone and precious stones alongside ceramics, sound components and various found objects. This recent body of work includes sculptures which feature animatronic movement, or which present the expectation of movement.

“The Reanimation Project illustrates the fears and potential consequences of the rise of Artificial Intelligence. ‘The expansion of technology proffers a limitless future for some with real consequences for the displaced. As with all human endeavor, we plunge ahead without concern for consequences. We barely understand ourselves, yet we expect to create another effective intelligence,’ says Eberle. The artist imagines the dystopian results of social collapse, touching on futuristic, sci-fi scenarios in which we may download our ‘selves’ for eternal life or entertain the prospect of reanimating the dead.”

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