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Adela Andea featured in group exhibition at Centre for International Light Art

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Centre for International Light Art, which opened its doors at the end of May 2001, large-scale light art installations are presented in the three main exhibition rooms, which are not comparable with one another and yet are linked by the themes of construction and deconstruction. The museum concept is based on a site-specific orientation of the room installations, which also applies to the three works in Fascination Light. The sculptural multimedia installations also have a spatial, perspective and emotional effect that actively involves the visitor.

The artist Adela Andea (Texas, USA) is known for her unique kinetic light sculptures. With the help of industrial electronic components, lights, plastic and other industrially manufactured objects, Andea creates futuristic ecosystems that move fluidly between organic shapes and luminous technical structures. With the installation Chaos Incarnate, Andea created an interdimensional space especially for Unna, through which chaos seeps into our reality. The colourful light bodies form irregular and different linear structures that pour over the old stone walls, cross and confuse each other, leaving the visitor disoriented in a chaos of light.

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