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Shannon Cannings
Adrian Esparza, Midnight Kite #2, 2017
Adrian Esparza, Midnight Kite #4, 2017
Rusty Scruby, Blue Pines, 2019
Robert Sagerman
Steven Charles, Sprinkler, lawn, rainbow, 2019
William Cannings, Migrate, 2017
Anna Elise Johnson
Kristen Cliburn
Celia Eberle
Patrick Turk, Concerning the Beach Incident, Following Our Lunch Date, 2006
Robert Sagerman
David Fokos, Stonewall III, Chilmark, Massachusetts, 2015
Harry Geffert
Charlotte Smith, Winter's End, 2017

Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts announces our latest exhibition, Summer Highlights, a group exhibition of selected gallery artists featuring notable works by Shannon Cannings, William Cannings, Steven Charles, Kristen Cliburn, Celia Eberle, Adrian Esparza, David Fokos, Harry Geffert, Anna Elise Johnson, Robert Sagerman, Patrick Turk, Rusty Scruby, and Charlotte Smith.

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