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Charlotte Smith, Milky Way IV, 2011
Charlotte Smith, Liquid Sunshine, 2012
Charlotte Smith, Liquid Sky, 2012
Rusty Scruby, Walking through Clarendon, 2006
Isabelle du Toit, Cerulean Warbler, 2012
Adela Andea, White Diamonds, 2012
Adela Andea, Crystal Light, 2011
Adela Andea, Dwarf Star, 2012
Becca Booker, Curved Amber Rectangles #2, 2011
Becca Booker, Curved Amber Rectangles #3: Small Pieces, 2011
Ruben Nieto, Motherwell Strikes Back, 2012
William Cannings, Bridged, 2009

Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition ‘Suddenly this Summer’ a group exhibition of gallery artists. The work for this show includes the vibrant, bold, and dramatic, appropriate for the current Texas weather and landscape.

‘Suddenly this Summer’ will feature the work of three painters, comic book deconstructionist Ruben Nieto, abstract artist Charlotte Smith, along with the photorealistic yet minimalist canvases of Isabelle du Toit.


In the realm of 3-D, William Cannings’ inflated steel sculptures, photo-reconstructions by Dallas-based Rusty Scruby, light sculpture by Adela Andea and Paul Booker’s plastic and pin renderings of fluid dynamics will round out the show.

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