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Rusty Scruby, In Laws, 2013
Rusty Scruby, Princess Lobster, 2013
Rusty Scruby, Everyday, 2013
Rusty Scruby, He Sells Seashells, 2013
Rusty Scruby, Bamboo, 2013
Rusty Scruby, Pier, 2013

Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is proud to present He Sells Seashells, a solo exhibition of recent work by Dallas-based artist, Rusty Scruby. He Sells Seashells will feature several of Scruby's innovative reconstruction techniques where he breaks apart photographs, drawings, and objects and uses mathematical equations to find new and exciting ways to reassemble them into brilliant sculptural artworks.

Scruby’s interest in remembering and reconstructing one’s past history is a recurring theme that has laced through much of his work. Continuing in this vein, Scruby has begun to use family photographs outside of his family, and place them alongside his own. The title of the show, He Sells Seashells, partially refers to Scruby’s experience growing up on Kwajalein Island and the large amount of time spent with his family at the beach, however seashells are also very symbolic for the artist and his process.

As seashells grow, they slowly expand from their center, adapting to and encapsulating the environment around them. Because of this, the life history of the animal inside can be read through their shells. To Scruby, this construction of past histories knit together and solidified into an object is significant. By exploring his past through photographic reconstructions, Scruby is attempting to reweave his history and strengthen his connection to his past while, simultaneously, relating to others through the shared and universal medium of the family photograph.

Rusty Scruby has exhibited both nationally and abroad including exhibitions in Miami, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Philadelphia, Chicago and Seoul, South Korea. In 2010, Scruby received an National Endowment for the Arts grant for his solo exhibition presented by Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont. His work is in major public collections including: the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Stephen Pyles Restaurant, Microsoft Corporation, Capital One, the Art Museum of Southeast Texas and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

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