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Robert Lansden, at•one 1, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 2, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 3, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 4, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 5, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 6, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 7, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 8, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 9, 2022
Robert Lansden, at•one 10, 2022

Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is pleased to announce our fourth solo exhibition of works on paper by gallery artist Robert Lansden. at•one opens Saturday, October 8th, and will be on view through November 12th, 2022. An Opening Reception will be held at the gallery Saturday, October 8thth, from 5-8pm.

Robert Lansden’s synergetic drawings combine obsessive mark-making with meditative discipline. Each individual line is methodically rendered as a single step within a larger algorithm, resulting in geometric patterns that at first glance resemble digitally generated graphics. There is a warmth however, as the human hand is detected in each mark.

Defined as 1) the state of being at one or reconciled, or 2) to make united, the drawings in at•one directly reflect the Buddhist concept of non-duality, in which two given things are not separate from each other, but in fact interconnected. Lansden has been fascinated by this concept since the destruction of the twin towers at the World Trade center in 2001. Lansden says of that time, “…I was a law librarian in New York City. Shortly after the tragedy, a legal discussion began to make the news regarding whether the World Trade Center was one building or two.” As a way to heal from the trauma of the bombing, Lansden later began studying the teachings of Joseph Campbell, who believed that our existence is defined over time through pairs of opposites. The effect resulted in drawings that evolved through the overlapping of two separate compositions, to become one, much like the World Trade Center towers. The ten watercolor drawings in at•one are seen as both two drawings, and one, Lansden’s personal commitment to exploring non-duality in all aspects of existence.

Robert Lansden lives and works in Norwalk, CT. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art from the Atlanta College of Art, a Master of Library Science from Palmer School of Library & Information Science in New York, and a Master of Fine Art from Tulane University. His work has been widely exhibited in galleries, universities, and museums including the Mobile Museum of Art in Mobile (AL), Nebraska Wesleyan University’s Elder Gallery in Lincoln (NE), Nexus Center for Contemporary Art in Atlanta (GA), University of New Orleans’s Ogden Museum of Southern Art (LA), and Kentler International Drawing Space in Brooklyn (NY).

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