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Robert Lansden, Shadows 3, 2013
Robert Lansden, Shadows 4, 2013
Robert Lansden, Byzantine Rose, 2013
Murielle White , Secret Pearls from the Long Bay, 2014
Shannon Cannings, Power Play I, 2014
Shannon Cannings, Power Play II, 2014
Isabelle du Toit, Jackrabbit, 2014
Francisco Moreno  , Eagle, 2012
Rusty Scruby, Navigating Poplar, 2014
Rusty Scruby, Branches, 2014
Rusty Scruby, Rip Van Winkle #4, 2013
Kelli Vance, Self Portrait with Cake, 2013
Simeen Farhat, Swarm of Words, 2014
Shayne Murphy  , The Crossing, 2012
Maysey Craddock, This Dance Between Us, 2014
Anne Allen, Hairnet, 2014
Celia Eberle, Lost, 2014
Celia Eberle, Love, 2014
Celia Eberle, Obsession, 2014
Celia Eberle, Briar, 2014

Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is excited to announce our exhibition, On Your Mark: Opus I, a group show featuring both gallery and guest artists. The exhibition will begin Saturday, May 17th with an opening reception from 6pm – 8pm and will continue thorough June 21st, 2014.  The impetus behind On Your Mark: Opus I is to celebrate drawing in its many forms, focusing on the act of mark-making rather than specific mediums or techniques.  The work will range from the abstract to the figurative and from the traditional to the unconventional.  As each individual artist has a unique signature, On Your Mark will highlight the uniqueness inherent to each artist’s approach to drawing.  

Dallas-based Paul Booker will showcase one of his frenetic abstract drawings that mimic the natural movements of air and water, while Celia Eberle has created delicate drawings of antique botanical illustrations that she has painted with her drawn blood. Rusty Scruby will feature one of his new enamel and poplar constructions, like those recently exhibited at the Grace Museum, and Fort Worth-based Anne Allen will produce her latest work directly on the wall for immediate effect.

The exhibition will include work from artists: Anne Allen, Paul Booker, Shannon Cannings, Maysey Craddock, Isabelle du Toit, Celia Eberle, Simeen Farhat, Greta Gundersen, Robert Lansden, Paul Manes, Francisco Moreno, Shayne Murphy, Rusty Scruby, Kelli Vance, and Murielle White.

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