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Harry Geffert (1934-2017), A Place Beside the Road, 2002
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), A Human Right, 1997
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Glyphs, 2007
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), American Gothic, 1988
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), White Water, 2001
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Black Water, 2001
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), There Was A Garden, 2003
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Forest, 2005 - 2006
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Vineyard, 2011
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Spring Forth, 2017
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Another Place (A World Between Words), 1990
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Daylight Sonata, 2013
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Black Haw, 2005
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Tree #2, 2005
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), Briar Song, 2002
Harry Geffert (1934-2017), It's a Place, 1998

Press Release

Cris Worley Fine Arts is proud to present, Carry On, an online exclusive exhibition of selected works from the Estate of Harry Geffert.

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent social upheaval of 2020, owner, Cris Worley has often missed the frequent, long conversations she had with gallery artist Harry Geffert, who entered mortality in the fall of 2017. She says, “The title of this exhibition is a tribute to our friend who always ‘carried on,’ who always followed his inner voice, and his passion. I think this message to keep going…keep growing, is important to us all, in all ways, and at all times.”

This exhibition features 16 works that span 30 years of Harry Geffert’s nearly 60 year career. The selection of work highlights his progression from an early deep dive into the figure in nature, to its eventual falling away, where only nature remained the focus. 


Harry Geffert was born in Live Oak County, Texas in 1934. He received his Bachelor of Science from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos and his Master of Arts from New Mexico Highlands University in 1961. He spearheaded the Sculpture Department at Texas Christian University in 1962 where taught for twenty-seven years. In 1980, he established The Green Mountain Foundry where his guidance and knowledge was sought after by artists Frances Bagley, Clyde Connell, Joseph Havel, Lucas Johnson, Ken Little, Linda Ridgway, James Surls, Vernon Fisher and Virgil Grotfeldt among countless others. He was awarded the Mitchell W. Wilder Merit Citation for Excellence in Publication and Media Design in 1983 for a video installation on a bronze casting in collaboration with the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. Harry went on to receive a Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1990, and in that same year, presented a solo exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art. He was bestowed with a Legend Award from The Dallas Visual Arts Center in 1998. In 1999, Geffert closed the foundry to focus solely on his own artistic interests. 

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